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About AP-DPO United
About AP-DPO United
About AP-DPO United
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Notice 2015 APDPO United General Assembly
2015-10-01 11:21:06
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2015 APDPO United General Assembly

The 4th APDPO United Conference : Let's raise CRPD

- For the 3rd Asia and pacific decade of Persons with Disability and the full implementation of UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

The Asia Pacific Disability Women's Leadership Forum : Women, Let's raise CRPD

- For the policy evaluation of Beijing +20 and the full implementation of UN Convention on the rights of women with disabilities.


1. Message from the Chairman of APDPO United

Fellow members who are supporting APDPO United! I'm Dae-song, Kim from Korea who is appointed as a chairman of APDPO United.

Since we have launched the first step, the last workshop was held in Jeju which is really beautiful island in Korea, APDPO United has been improved till now on.

First of all, We are consisted the environment that can be focused on the voice of our own and that PWD can lead the movement, have shared a different environment of Asia-Pacific Region, and have been based on a configuration of the network that which can be supplemented.

As an important goal for Asia and the Pacific PWD decade, As you know, in 2012, Incheon Strategy has adopted for new Asia and the Pacific PWD decade and “Make the right real” for PWD in Asia and the Pacific.

The remarkable point among APDPO United activities, APDPO United as a partner with ESCAP greets with new Asia and the Pacific PWD decade, It is nominated as one of 15 civil society organizations working group. And the activities of working group composed a roadmap for Incheon Strategy.

The roadmap of Incheon Strategy is specified duties of national, sub-regional, regional level in the Asia-Pacific, governments, Civil Society, including the DPO’s, and other partners. And also, It is clearly presented our directions.

For now, taking over our activities, we need to configure strengthen the basis for new changes.

Today, APDPO United has 41 organizations members in the Asia-Pacific region, more than 10 organizations are applying to join.

In addition, APDPO United will hold an Assembly in November, 2015. It is about Incheon Strategy goal 6(Ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment) and goal 9(Accelerate the ratification and implementation of the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and harmonization of national legislation with the convention). Based on this assembly, reorganized a new network and will share basic data for goal 8 (Improve the reliability and comparability of disability data).

However, grassroots organizations in each region to gather, for voice of our own, for the full implementation of the roadmap of Incheon Strategy, to be foundation of improving life quality for 650 million PWD in Asia and the Pacific region.

For that, I ask your cooperation through your participate and exchange.

In 2015, through this assembly, We will share information each other and truly understand the needs and circumstances of each country needed to continue to work to check the practical implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

In 2016, Based on the foundation, connect the work necessary each other, This road map will be an ongoing role in leading the execution plan.

For all of these I require your supporting

All member of APDOP United!

Let’s cooperate to improve the rights of people with disabilities in Asia Pacific.


Thank you.


19 August, 2015

Greeting from Seoul

Kim, Dae-song.


2. Conference Outline

 Organized by : APDPO United, DPI Korea, KDAWU

 Hosted by : DPO United Korea, DPI Korea, KDAWU

 Place : Youngjong Sky Resort, Incheon , South Korea

 Period : 4-7 November, 2015

 Duration : 3-8 November, 2015

Sponsor : Ministry of Health and Welfare Korea, Koddi, Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities


3. Schedule 

3 November, 2015 Arrival 

4 November, 2015 Day 1

1) Side Event 1 : Health examination

2) Opening Ceremony : Greeting 

3) Woman, Let's raise CRPD Session 1. Incheon Strategy : Goal 6

- To suggest policy solutions of Women with disabilities

4) Woman, Let's raise CRPD Session 2. Incheon Strategy : Goal 9

- To share the status of implementation of law, policy about CRPD of each region

- To seek for measures of harmony of each domestic policy about CRPD

5) Side Event 2 : Information & Communication Technology :  ICT


5 November, 2015 Day 2

1) Woman, Let's raise CRPD Session 3 : Incheon Strategy : Goal 6- To share the policy evaluation of Beijing +20 women with disabilities

- Planning an international cooperation and networking systems for Asia-Pacific woman with disabilities.

2) Side Event 3 : Identify needs for international development cooperation projects in Disability sector

3) Keynote speech -Disability comprehensive response and the importance of women' field in SDGs.

4) APDPO United Conference Session 1 : Incheon Strategy : Goal 9

- To Provide advanced policies and solutions of implementation system of CRPD


6 November, 2015 Day 3

1) APDPO United Conference Session 2 : Incheon Strategy : Goal 8,9 Asia-Pacific UN CRPD Implementation Status and Challenges

2) Side event 4 : For equal society, The CRPD implement community transition plans and policy recommendations

3) APDPO United Conference Session 3 : The 4th APDPO United General Assembly

- To adopt and to announce the Statement

- To determine strategic goals

- To present Future plans by the Secretariat

7 November, 2015 Day 4 Culture Experience

8 November, 2015 Day 5 Departure.

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