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About AP-DPO United
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About AP-DPO United
About AP-DPO United
About AP-DPO United
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What is the AP-DPO UNITED?
We are a network of (DPOs) across the Asia Pacific Region to work on the implementation and monitoring of the New Decade.
- Regional unified organization of persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific for effective implementation of the 3rd Asian and the Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons.
- Through AP-DPO United mechanism, persons with disabilities can participate in the 3rd Decade as the main entity in a systematic way.
- Based on the disability perspective, persons with disabilities can participate in and review country's implementation status and strengthen information sharing and support among them through international cooperation and meetings.
 Membership criteria of the AP-DPO UNITED

 - Self-help organization of persons with disabilities representing disability type, disability cause and gender.

 - Self-help organization of persons with disabilities representing disability type, disability cause and gender.

 - Self-help organization of persons with disabilities representing disability type, disability cause and gender.
 - National or regional-based organizations in each country.
 - Organization who has a disabled president and disabled members, and half of members in decision making body are persons with disabilities.
Process to establish AP-DPO UNIETED
  - At 'the Asia Pacific Disabled People’s Organizations(DPOs) United' held along with a Bangkok meeting toward the new decade of persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific' on June 21-22, 2010, the issue was discussed during sub-regional meetings including South Asia, South-east Asia, East Asia and North-east Asia regions.
  - At 'the Delhi Workshop to Ratify and Implement the CRPD' on August 18-22, 2011, participants shared the necessity to create the AP-DPO UNITED and discussed the way of creation. - At the 'Preparatory meeting to establish AP-DPO United, co-hosted by the Korea Federation of Organizations of the Disabled(KOFOD) and the Korean Solidarity for Preparation of 3rd Asia-Pacfic Decade of Disabled Persons, held in Korea on September 5-7, 2011, participants decided to establish the secretariat of AP-DPO United in the office of AP DPI and to create the preparatory committee composed of ten members considering region and disability type.
  - According to the decision at the preparatory meeting, the preparatory committee was established.
  - The preparatory committee had the first meeting in Bangkok on December, 2011 during the ESCAP stakeholder meeting. At the meeting, committee members reconfirmed the necessity of AP-DPO United mechanism and decided to make all efforts to establish the AP-DPO United.
   - At the meaning among the membersof the preparatory committee and the secretariat of the AP-DPO United participated in the ESCAP High-level Governmental Meeting, March 14-16 2012, and the 68th ESCAP Commission, May 2012, official launching of the AP-DPO United on October 2012 was decided.
  - AP-DPO United launched on October 2012, Incheon, Korea
       Implement the New Decade by Persons with Disabilities
 Action Plan
        Develop a disability organization by persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific
        Apply a membership to IDA
International exchange and cooperation among members
Regular review on the New Decade
Organize an internship program.
Create and dispatch an activist
Participate in the operation of the Asia-Pacific Memorial Foundation and work with the ESCAP
Research and promotion of the CRPD
Collect fund to improve disability welfare in sub-region
Implement strategy of the New Asia-Pacific Decade in sub-region

About AP-DPO United
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